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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Escapade--First Escapade

Watching the Moonlit Sky

by Madhatter T.F.

I do not own the moon nor the sky. I do not own the sun nor the stars. I do not own you nor even I.

-A lonely man by AnonymousOnLooker

AnonymousOnLooker went about the town just as his penname suggested. He was nowhere near as popular as the Uchiha successor was. Nor as infamous--in the general public's eye--as the older brother of said successor.

The truth was he was the nightmare of all the underworld hoodlums beckoning from the slums to the high and mighty two-faced freaks in the urban jungle. Uchiha Itachi was his "bell boy". The older brother always was there to pick up the crime scene pieces as his "Master" told him so. Often acknowledged as the Master's butler, his alias was now Butler. Uchiha Itachi was very protective of his baby brother and his partner--if you call the man behind the plots and plans to thwart the wealthy's spree of money dwindling in the streets and still remain as invisible to the Human Eye as he was infamous in top secret levels, yes he was his partner even though he had been leaked to society at large and forced out of his inheritance. More like, Uchiha Itachi really was the bell boy of his partner; the Uchiha would arrive when he knew that the cops would walk in on the little weirdo and get him out of there while managing to clean up and escape with the said weirdo.

What had Uchiha Itachi running around Japan after the little weirdo in the first place?