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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Reply to My Mom

It is a common fact by now that it's good for you. But thanks for your concern.

Mama, I received a word from Auntie Ember what you have planned. Tutu will be getting the finest, cheapest laptop there is available in the Philippines. If Azuz will be below php20K, we have a deal that she can have it. Uncle Jeff and I will be the committee on purchasing the said product/s--cheapest there is in the market with good quality.

My upgrade will come later.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Challenge Against One's Self

I have this partner-in-crime. She has a blog as well. And, I gave her a challenge. I think she'll only include it as a snippet for hers, but I'm going to do a whole post just for that moment. I challenged her to write something on her blog about the moment we had in the house while watching "Dyesebel". We shouted "gago" at the TV simultaneously as we saw Fredo's vice president take photos of Dyesebel. Then, I said, "I love our family." And, we laughed. A good hearty laugh.