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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey Soul Sister cover

This is my cousin. She rocks!!! Please lookie!

Insanely me :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Shitty and Awesom First Week of College of Engineering

Hello, there : )

I now sport an injured PAIR of feet. Why may you ask? It's because of the perils of going to the Math Building. : |

Tuesday, my first day, I ran after a jeepney towards the Math Building. I took TOKI for it to take me there. Damn my mutherfrucking slippers. The slippers tripped me beofre I got to the jeepney, resulting in a left foot injury--thank goodness it stopped--and I LIMPED toward the building after I got off. Stupid day ended in me limping to my home some miles away.

Wednesday and the rest of my fruking week--I have a sprained right ankle. Wednesday was the day I got it when I tried to not be late for Archaeo 2 and it landed me in the predicament of limping for the rest of my life. I bandaged it Wednesday afternoon with my ninja skills... : )

The rest was all well and good and very good to the feeling. I like college. It doesn't seem to grate on my nerves too much. I have new buddies :) Yeay! And, I am closer to NCR office chapter of AFS.

I want to also add the sour note that happened yesterday.

I havr almost been in the middle of a rumble. It was scary how they acted. I called the police right after I got home. My phone was dead and my feet hurt like hell because I helped an old lady--which I am supposed to contact--to Forbs though I walked all the way to a station in Global City. Global City from Ayala is a long hard walk people. Especially with two limpy feet. Damn. I got home midnight. Though, the LORD was very good and never let me to harm. : )


Insanely me ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I feel bad~~~

I feel so bad right now.

Before I go to bed, I decided to mod for APH Kink Meme. I feel so bad right now because of the trolls I was getting for being a mod and still filling a request. : |

It was an honest mistake. :(

I never meant for those people to take it so seriously.

Insanely me ;)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

He was Handsome by Talentless Freak

He was Handsome by Talentless Freak

A Trinity Blood One-shot (Abel-centric on Tres)
Friendship to Romance

Author’s note:

I am so done with this. It took so freakin’ long! Now, it’s done! :D I don’t like me any more. :(

The frugal morality of it is—he’s a cyborg; ‘more of a machine than a man’. Leon once said that to me—told me that Tres is not human enough.

I remembered the pre-Armageddon black cat I named Estrella. I called her a star even though she looked like a monster to the regular village that I found her in. She had tuffs of fur missing from several places on her body; she had rashes in between her toes—I remedied that though; her eyes had a transparent gloss filmed over them and make her look mystical, almost fantastical. The villagers said that she was a witch in disguise of a cat. Then did they call her the monster of all evils that she was not. The villagers didn’t know what happened to her next as she was brought to my place, up the highest hill and inside the glamorous Aristarcus Mansion that resides in The Villa; she was being brought to the world of the real monster, the real threat to their lives. Before I became a monster myself, she always greeted me with much affection and graced me with her lovely greenest emeralds, better than that you’ll ever see. Her eyes would glow by the moonlight, in the shadows of the rooftops there, under the scrutiny of the hill’s grounds. Whilst, I watch from the lit room with an agape colossus window. They were preparing me for something and my body ached for rest; my mind screamed for freedom, release from stress and body, unbind from fatigue. The studies, the tutors—everything was madness. But, every afternoon and early evening, she was there to gaze up at me and purr against the railings of my room’s gargantuan hole. I gave her shelter, food, and, for sometime, love within those few but precious hours—just the two of us, just two monsters bathing in the sun’s ambiance or the moon’s borrowed beauty.