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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Shitty and Awesom First Week of College of Engineering

Hello, there : )

I now sport an injured PAIR of feet. Why may you ask? It's because of the perils of going to the Math Building. : |

Tuesday, my first day, I ran after a jeepney towards the Math Building. I took TOKI for it to take me there. Damn my mutherfrucking slippers. The slippers tripped me beofre I got to the jeepney, resulting in a left foot injury--thank goodness it stopped--and I LIMPED toward the building after I got off. Stupid day ended in me limping to my home some miles away.

Wednesday and the rest of my fruking week--I have a sprained right ankle. Wednesday was the day I got it when I tried to not be late for Archaeo 2 and it landed me in the predicament of limping for the rest of my life. I bandaged it Wednesday afternoon with my ninja skills... : )

The rest was all well and good and very good to the feeling. I like college. It doesn't seem to grate on my nerves too much. I have new buddies :) Yeay! And, I am closer to NCR office chapter of AFS.

I want to also add the sour note that happened yesterday.

I havr almost been in the middle of a rumble. It was scary how they acted. I called the police right after I got home. My phone was dead and my feet hurt like hell because I helped an old lady--which I am supposed to contact--to Forbs though I walked all the way to a station in Global City. Global City from Ayala is a long hard walk people. Especially with two limpy feet. Damn. I got home midnight. Though, the LORD was very good and never let me to harm. : )


Insanely me ;)

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  1. i really hope your feet would heal fast and i am glad to hear you're okay:)

    you are sooo funny too:)


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