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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Challenge Against One's Self

I have this partner-in-crime. She has a blog as well. And, I gave her a challenge. I think she'll only include it as a snippet for hers, but I'm going to do a whole post just for that moment. I challenged her to write something on her blog about the moment we had in the house while watching "Dyesebel". We shouted "gago" at the TV simultaneously as we saw Fredo's vice president take photos of Dyesebel. Then, I said, "I love our family." And, we laughed. A good hearty laugh.

I dunno. But, something about that moment made history within the confines of an insane mind. Maybe because I'm mad, I think that that moment was sheer genius in terms of comedy. We say a cuss word simultaneously and then I say something heart-felt. Such irony and sanity in madness is sure to strike one's curiosity on how it affected you greatly as to challenge your partner-in-crime right then and there after the special moment. Yes... How peculiar. Such a bloody ferocious moment with the TV can make people see others in light. Yes... Odd. How wonderful! I'm not the only madwoman in the family.

Come to think of it, all the women are.

My mum and aunts and my Gran like going shopping; and, they'll all go mad for a midnight madness sale in their favorite stores (which is practically every store there's something to buy in with great taste). I take that they're mad because of it. I really don't know why they're absolutely mad because of the shoes and the shirts and the skirts and the socks and the bags... and the rest is history! I may have a Degree in Psychology but no man can ever understand the heart and soul of a woman. Or no woman who thinks like a man can get what they're thinking.

Gosh! It's hard to be "a girl". There are these 'things' that you have to do and not do. By gosh. I don't get what the other kids in school are saying! "I like your top!" What's that supposed to mean? "I like your shirt!" Much better. Clearer. "I like your tank!" Shoot. Shoot her! Ready... Aim... FIRE! I only understood the meaning of tank after I got home from all the madness in the universe that doesn't bode well the imagination. I asked Mama to explain why I punched the girl and i had no right... (After all, the girl called my best friend's sando a tank!)

Then, I understood nothing. Nothing at all except that maybe I'm the one who's sane because the world has fallen into madness' grip itself.

Yes. Madness. Insanity. Such beautiful words. We laughed together that night with the TV, as we just said two opposites with the same punch. We laughed because there were no words to describe how we feel for the other and how in sync we are together. Even though no words were spoken before the moment's pass, we understood that there was no need for them. and just LAUGHED! A laugh that says, "we are insane, mad, loony--and LOVING IT!"

Insanely me ;)

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