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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Reply to My Mom

It is a common fact by now that it's good for you. But thanks for your concern.

Mama, I received a word from Auntie Ember what you have planned. Tutu will be getting the finest, cheapest laptop there is available in the Philippines. If Azuz will be below php20K, we have a deal that she can have it. Uncle Jeff and I will be the committee on purchasing the said product/s--cheapest there is in the market with good quality.

My upgrade will come later.

School's fine. I have learned much about Geometry. Thanks to the library. In this first quarter, there's not much to do so I go there every coaching time--when there's no coach and no one's berating me on writing down notes. I've also learned chemistry through Matal and Walten's book. Did you know that chemistry is the Central Science? It touches all aspects of life. It has five major fields: organic chem, inorganic chem, physical chem, analytical chem, and biological chem.

I'm doing well--I'm not sick. I've been drinking my Cherifer and daily dose of 100mg of vitamin C. There is this over-the-counter drug called Methadrin. It is a brain dope--it enhances attention spans and focus levels. It keeps narcoleptic patients from going limp--they won't be vegetables. A man once used this as an enhancer seven days straight, 100mg daily, before a MENSA examination. He passed the shape level II with 109, and the second exam for problem solving with 133. Uncle Todi and I can pass him. Unfortunately, we're not in MENSA.

Tutu's doing fine. She still swears in Bicol for fun, at the TV, at the radio, at everything that she despises (especially Miming). Everything looks normal.

Da's doing fine. She helps me a lot. Quite a lot. Very a lot. A lot, a lot.

She just made a crack (Tutu did). A'lat-- she heard me saying a lot and crack a joke. By the way, it means "butas-butas na bayong".

Auntie is doing my typing. She's practicing to become a typist or a D.A. (directory assistant)

"Let no one ignorant of Geometry enter through my door." -Plato

Plato convinced the most of Athens and Greece that essential knowledge of Geometry is needed to become a true academician. The golden age of Geometry was in Greek history which it is the crown jewel of all sciences. Mama, do you know your shoes have Geometry as well? You wouldn't be walking on them if they weren't in Geometrical measurements. Also, they are made of elastic polymers which are thyxococin before.

Make sure to read Tutu's blog. She made a chemical alert about the most toxic plastic ware, polyvinyl chloride (PVC). You'll be shocked to know that your beautiful curtains are actually hanging toxic chemicals of doom. But I can't conclude that yet not unless the Philippines has a Chemical Analysis Center. (I'm sure we have one but I don't know which space of the Hidden Planet it's in.)

Pookie. I saw her with whiskers-like black smears on her face yesterday. With my green three-flowered shirt which was my favorite before, she elbow-weeded through the dark crowds in Uncle Jeff's shop. It was a pretty hilarious scene. It even became more hysterical when I petted her for the amusing event and just strode like a big man down the aisle past me. I laughed all the way home. And what's even more laughable and incredibly humorous is that I dreamed of it for a while before sleeping--the green-elbow weeding giant Pookie mowing through downtown Makati. You can just imagine the looks on the horrified citizens' faces--"Help me! Help me!"

I think she's pretty happy destroying the city for her birthday. Imagine the possibilities of playing dodge-ball with the Earth. We should all pray now and repent for our sins--"Dear Lord, help us from the giant whiskered whisky baby!"

Note: Never invite Pookie over for a drinking bash. Worlds just might collide literally.

I just remembered by gratitude of Auntie Ember of the days back in Milkweed. After Reilly and I went home from school, tired, exhausted, and brain-drained, our minds start working. How completely insane and paradoxal. Well, just what do you expect from "Dumb and Dumber" clones. The afternoons are long, the nights are short but they are even shorter when you laugh the day away. For example, one night, we were talking about pillows, then, it became about the frame of the double-decker, then it became about termites. Then, one of us proposed an outrageous idea--"What will the world be like if humans also eat wood?" We laughed. We delved into that topic greater than our own studies.
"Imagine ... if TJ ate wood?"
"TJ already eats wood--didn't you see him gnawing the poster?"
Oh yes, very intelligible indeed.

Two of the geniuses that created idiosyncrasy and evolved it into an art form.

Another time was when noodles became saucers. One evening after eating noodles for dinner, Reilly had an insane idea, again. "Let's make noodles fly!" "How do we do that?" "Like this!" I suppose it was boredom. I think it's just the toyo acting up. I believe that when two minds think-alike, they form this telekinetic bond--when one is bored, the other will think of a way out of bored. Reilly spiraled one noodle about the teeth of his fork. Then he spun the fork with his palms and let the fork and noodle fly. He caught the fork--without the noodle. The noodle, though, made its way onto his forehead. You can just imagine the look of our faces when I said, "You look like Mary who has a little lamb whose fleece is as yellow as a noodle!" The Reilly acting as both lamb and Mary at the same time--the back of his head is the face of Mary (Mary having a severe case of hairy proportions) and his face portraying the lamb(as if he's lamb-like, all innocent and fluffy, while all he got was a yellow noodle and two front back teeth).

In those two very horrifying events when idiosyncrasy reigned supreme and drugged us out of reality, we laughed until we slept out of stomach cramps and nature's eyedrops. And exhaustion. We couldn't feel the pain anymore--not the concussions from the walls not the muscles burning while your whole body was stressed due to humor.

And they say humor is good for you.

May be we have a little too much humor.

I hope that's long enough for you! :D
Insanely me ;)

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