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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 1563 (Mendicancy or another fancy way of saying begging)

I find it highly unpractical and unusually cruel to be impassive, so dense and without soul, to leave behind fellow men in the streets.

I once argues over this with a man on a jeepney I won the argument as he could not name this decree. I named the human rights. It's particularly distressing how in my argument human rights won over for the mendicant. I was utterly surprised when beggars weren't allowed to beg, and just die in the streets because they're "so useless." They're no useless. They're opportunity-less. They lack what every other "human being" who has a job, callused to mankind's true plague, mindless and drones on with life without a tarry for the other man "on the job." They lack the power of governance over their lives that the government was supposed to be for them. The goverment was supposed to help them. They're fellow men were supposed to be fair to them and give them chances and help them recind their ugly ways. Ugly. Ways of man's rebuttal to man's cruelty.

I'm beginning to understand why I hated them. So much. I was sure humanity deserved better. I was. Now, I don't know who's "human" anymore.

Insanely me ;)

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