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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just to get me writing again...

I have been online for the most part of the afternoon... and evening... and I can't get some things out of my head. Like, the fact uncovered of the secret--or not-so-secret--Batman and Superman fandom... I've had gotten this idea when I suddenly watched Justice League after Brokeback Mountain.

There are just some things that have been destined to meet... My love for cartoon that sooned conformed with my love of fandom--bi or otherwise... (You should warn your kids to stay away from the "action" because it's infectious.)

I have started to get my writing up and going again... I was in the mood to write when suddenly I realized that the chapter isn't done yet and I can't type it without perfect conformity. I started to write on my yellow pad and some sentences later, I was searching the net. I searched for my bookmarks and started to search for the bookmarks I made last night--and here the story begins again.

I saw the fics again--Johnny/Reed (I had been warned with it with a sudden pop-out from the archives in Fantastic Four>Movies.) and S/B (Let's just respect the supers as they are...). And, I lost track of time and got down to sincere and devoted fan fiction reading. Thanks to *Transcendenza of LiveJournal and the others that followed.

Then, I realized I wasn't made for their type of writing--my skills just draw on the border of fluff... It will take a lot of work from me. And, it will take a lot of nonsense to drive me into doing smut.

From this day forward, I will not go near smut again... Because it distracts. (Maybe on special occasions which I am not pestered by my Muses to write.)

Insanely me ;)

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