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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sleepless in Manila

I have watched City of Angels with Meg Ryan in it. Now, I watched Sleepless in Seattle with Meg Ryan in it. Why is Meg everywhere? Oh well... The films are pretty good. In the City of Angels, I cried because I "accidentally" thought of my grandfather's death. That film rocked. Anyway, Sleepless in Seattle was mild compared to the "crying session" LA gave me. But--Samuel Baldwin lost his wife, and his kid found a radio and a telephone and put two and two together. A woman who lived across the country heard the phone call over the radio because of a radio programme, "Dr. Martha Fieldstone Hour". I dunno what it was called. Just that the Ph.D. in the show had that name. Anyway, there was this movie in it, a film named "An Affair to Remember". "That's a chicks' movie." Yes, it is. And, I extremely don't get it. Just by looking at it, I don't get it. Even the "guys' movie". I just don't get it. Well... Beside all of that ranting, Sleepless in Seattle is a nice movie to watch--if you've just experienced City of Angels (CoA), this is a soother. :D

Especially, near the midnight hour. Really sleepless in manila.

Insanely me ;)

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